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Instructional Video for our NEW EBSCo e-library

Academic Calendar Year 2023-2024

Start Date and Mode of Teaching

Kairos University campus of AEU is offering in person classes and hybrid online:

  • Start date for Fall of 2023 is August 28

  • Start date for Spring of 2024 is January 29

  • All of our courses will be taught in Hybrid and/or Online

  • Course taught synchronously and asynchronously.

  • Extensive use of live Zoom for lecture and discussion.

Ph.D. in Organizational and Global Leadership

The Ph.D. in Organizational and Global Leadership is a degree program that will equip students to serve effectively and strategically as leaders in diverse organizational contexts.

The Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership prepares students for effective leadership in diverse sectors, such as ministry, non-profit, education, and health care.

The program focuses on imparting comprehensive organizational leadership principles, with an emphasis on guiding organizations toward their vision through ethical and sustainable practices.

Graduates develop advanced competencies in strategic decision-making, communication, conflict resolution, and organizational change management, enabling them to address complex challenges and contribute to organizational success and positive impact in their communities.

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