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"Why Kairos?"

Kairos University of California specializes in teaching the sixty-six (66) books of the Bible in order to give the students a solid foundation on the grand story of God’s love for the world, from creation to redemption in Jesus Christ. At Kairos University, students are equipped with the truth of the entire Word of God as it relates to God’s unfailing love and his mission to redeem mankind back into fellowship with him--- a theme that is found throughout the whole Bible and pertains to the mission of God on the earth. God’s mission finds its pinnacle at the hinge point of human history--the cross of Jesus, whereby God defeats sin, death, and hell in the ultimate act of divine mercy that only God can accomplish.


Kairos University of California is devoted to the mission of equipping students with the truth of God’s word and believes that this will result in students displaying integrity, a godly moral character, humility, and faithfulness to God and His Kingdom, in all spheres of life. Our cohort model facilitates for the building of lasting relationships that in turn, foster growth and maturity— spirit, mind, and body, as students interact and learn from mature and seasoned role models.

Character & Growth
Qualified Faculty

Kairos University of California professors are highly qualified and competent in their field of academic expertise. Many having numerous years of experience teaching in multicultural and mission field settings, both locally and globally.

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Unlike traditional higher educational institutions that are burdened with heavy administrative, infrastructure, human resources, and building costs, Kairos University  of California has been intentionally structured to be efficient, flexible, and financially effective; making a fully accredited college degree accessible. Kairos University is committed to providing affordable education without compromise in the quality of instruction.

Study While Employed

Kairos University of California understands the many challenges that working adults face while pursuing their studies. For this reason, our flexible learning options are designed to fit the lifestyle needs of full-time students and busy professionals alike. Learning options include: degree programs, offered in a classroom setting, as well as 100% online degrees.

Internships & Practicums

Internship & Practicum

At Kairos University of California, we are committed to ensuring that KU students’ academic learning is enhanced by practical experience in the areas of the student’s gifting, calling, or profession. KU is committed to building relationships among pastors, leaders, and professionals in the marketplace. We accomplish this by partnering with them through our internship and practicum programs. These partnerships provide an invaluable opportunity for our students to be mentored by experienced spiritually mature pastors, leaders and professionals, as they complete their studies and beyond. Students who are serving in a leadership role can earn credit for the work they are presently doing, whether at a local church, a Christian organization, or in the marketplace.

Cohort Learning

Our cohort program at Kairos University of California provides an interactive and dynamic setting for students to grow their knowledge and skills. Both, our classroom setting as well as our online courses are designed to bring students together to build community, foster creativity, enhance leadership skills, and build lasting relationships.

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