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Financial Aid & Scholarships

All students applying to Kairos University must also apply for financial aid through FAFSA, if they are eligible.

Kairos University itself does not provide educational loans, but we do have scholarships. Students who might need to take out loans for school as part of their financial plan are encouraged to seek educational loans provided by the state and federal government. Private educational loans are also available through many banks.


The Federal Pell Grant Program provides federal funds for students of qualifying families. To be eligible, an applicant must be a United States citizen or permanent resident, demonstrate financial need, and must not have previously earned a bachelor’s degree.


The Cal Grant program provides awards for California resident applicants who demonstrate financial need and meet GPA requirements. California resident students may apply by filling out the FAFSA and a GPA Verification Form. To be eligible for a fall semester award the student must submit a Cal Grant application and FAFSA by March 2.


The California Dream Act is for non-SSN (social security number) students. Students must complete the online Dream Act Application and re-submit the Dream Act (Cal Grant) application online every year. Students who have never received the Dream Act (Cal Grant) must apply by the March 2 deadline date and submit a non-SSN Cal Grant form.


Kairos University scholarships will be awarded at the beginning of each semester; the recipients will receive credit for the amount of the scholarship toward their tuition. The total scholarship cannot exceed the tuition that the student should pay

1. Work-Study Scholarships

This is a work-study program for student employees of Kairos University who show financial need. The work assignment and pay-rate are decided by the dean of the school. This scholarship must be renewed every semester.


2. Overseas Mission Scholarships

Kairos University may choose to award scholarships to students who come for study from other countries with the purpose of being trained at Kairos University to be pastors, teachers or missionaries. The amount of this scholarship shall be decided by the Scholarship Committee of the school.


3. Student Couple Scholarships

A student couple scholarship shall be awarded to one member of a student couple when both of them are registered as full-time students. The member selected shall be awarded with 50% of his/her tuition.


4. Tuition Assistance Scholarships

A tuition assistance scholarship may be given to students with financial difficulty. The amount of this scholarship shall be decided by the Scholarship Committee of the school.

* All applicants for scholarships should attain a 3.0 GPA or above in the previous semester. The final decision on any Kairos University scholarship rests with the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Applications

Any student who wants to receive a scholarship from Kairos University must submit a scholarship application form by the time of registration each semester. The form is available below, and can also be obtained at registration or through the university office.


Kairos University Scholarship Application Form


Info Needed & Eligibility Requirements, for FAFSA


FAFSA Application Form (website)

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