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Master of Arts in Counseling
with Marriage and Family Therapy
2-2.5 YEARS    |    66 CREDITS [UNITS]
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A Pathway to Transformative Healing

Dive into the transformative world of the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT) program at the Kairos University of California, Campus of AEU. Positioned at the crossroads of cutting-edge psychological insight, clinical expertise, and profound Christian faith,
this program is tailored for those inspired to undertake the noble mission of facilitating healing in individuals, couples, and families. Joining the MAMFT program means becoming part of a supportive, dynamic community that not only fosters your desire to aid others but also celebrates it.

Kairos University recognizes that the journey to becoming an accomplished therapist is as much about personal and spiritual growth as it is about professional development. This program is
carefully designed to ensure you acquire the essential clinical competencies required for excellence in the field of marriage and family therapy, alongside a deep, integrated understanding of how Christian faith principles can enrich your therapeutic approach, offering hope and healing.

Child Counselor
Program Overview

The MAMFT program, extending over 60 units, marries theory with practice, underpinned by a commitment to Christian ethics. Our comprehensive curriculum emphasizes academic research, theoretical knowledge, and clinical training, guided by a team of dedicated faculty members focused on nurturing student success.

Practical, real-world training forms the cornerstone of the program, with practicum experiences in diverse settings under the supervision of experts adhering to AAMFT's stringent standards.
Kairos University's MFT program is internationally inclusive, aiming to prepare practitioners capable of serving varied communities with cultural competence and empathy.

Why Enroll in MAMFT at Kairos University, Campus of AEU?

Faith-Integrated Learning: Our unique educational approach seamlessly integrates rigorous academic and clinical training with Christian values, encouraging a therapeutic practice informed by spirituality. This prepares you to compassionately meet the diverse needs of your clients.

Experiential Training: Step beyond theoretical learning into extensive, hands-on clinical experiences. Practicums and internships across various settings allow you to apply what you've learned under the mentorship of seasoned professionals, enhancing your confidence and skills as a therapist.

Community and Mentorship: You're more than a student at Kairos University; you're an integral part of a nurturing community. Engage in enriching interactions with faculty and peers through small classes, group discussions, and personalized mentorship, supporting both your professional journey and spiritual well-being.

Flexibility for Working Professionals: Acknowledging the varied schedules of our students, we offer flexible class timings, including evening courses and part-time study options, ensuring that your educational ambitions can be balanced with personal and professional commitments.

Career Readiness: Designed with your professional future in mind, our program meets the licensure standards of California, equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and network to excel in diverse environments such as private practices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and beyond.

Prepare for Licensure with Confidence: meticulously aligned with the licensure requirements set by the state of California. We are committed to preparing our students not only to meet but to exceed the professional standards required for licensure within California. Understanding that some of our graduates may choose to practice outside of California, we also offer comprehensive support for those pursuing licensure in other states.

Transform Lives, Including Your Own:

Opting for the MAMFT program at Kairos University,
Campus of AEU, transcends the pursuit of a degree—it's a step toward realizing your vocation
to foster healing and wholeness in the world. As you blend your faith with your professional
practice, you'll not only change the lives of those you aid but also embark on an unparalleled
journey of personal and spiritual growth.
Join us at Kairos University, Campus of AEU, where your dedication to assisting others and your
Christian faith merge, empowering you to become a force for positive change. Here, you'll hone
the skills to emerge as a compassionate, proficient, and ethically minded marriage and family
therapist, making a lasting impact in the lives of individuals and families. Start your journey to
transformative healing with us.

Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy
Program Requirements:

Degree Components:

  • Core Courses and Electives: Complete a total of 66 units, combining core courses with your choice of electives to tailor your learning experience.

  • Professional Development Hours: Engage in 50 hours of professional development activities designed to enhance your skills and knowledge.

  • Clinical Training Hours: Accumulate 400 hours of clinical training, including 300 direct client hours, of which 100 must be relational hours, providing you with real-world experience.

  • Capstone Project: Conclude your studies with a comprehensive case presentation, showcasing your expertise and readiness to enter the professional field.

Electives (9 units): Choose from a range of electives such as Holistic Healing Mind Body Spirit, Communion with God, Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Psychology, and more, to deepen your expertise and personalize your educational path.

Total Units Required: 66 units
Additional Requirements:


  • Professional Development: Specialized 50-hour professional development program is designed for practitioners within the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) field, aiming to elevate their professional capabilities through a curriculum deeply rooted in Christian ethics. Participants will engage in an in-depth exploration of how to effectively merge professional responsibilities with ethical and moral principles, ensuring that their therapeutic engagements are both empathetic and ethically robust. By the end of the course, therapists will be thoroughly prepared to demonstrate outstanding professional behavior, markedly improving the welfare of the individuals, couples, and families they assist.

  • Clinical Training Hours: 400 hours, with 300 direct client hours and 100 relational hours

Our M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy program meets the educational standards set by the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), fulfilling all academic requirements for those aiming to become Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Upon completing the necessary coursework and accruing 3,000 supervised clinical hours, graduates are eligible to sit for their licensing examinations.

Marriage and Family Therapy Courses:
Our curriculum includes the following courses, structured to cover every aspect of marriage and
family therapy:
Core Courses (57 units):

  • Advanced Lifespan Development

  • Child and Adolescent Therapy

  • Family and Marriage Therapy

  • Psychological Testing and Assessment

  • Crisis and Trauma Assessment and Interventions

  • Multi-Cultural Counseling

  • Addictions Assessment and Interventions

  • Group Therapy

  • Theories of Psychopathology Diagnostics and Treatment

  • Research Methodologies

  • Legal and Ethical Therapeutic Issues

  • Introduction to Clinical Counseling Skills

  • Psychopharmacology

  • Substance Abuse Addictions and Diversity

  • Professional Development

  • Introduction to Clinical Placement

  • Clinical Practicum I & II

  • Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy

Graduates of the MAMFT program are poised for success in a range of settings,
including but not limited to:

Private Practice
Mental Health Agencies
Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
Schools and Educational Institutions
Nonprofit Organizations

The course curriculum develops students' core competencies for success in ministry and leadership. Possible careers include:

In-house Church Counselor

Nonprofit organization counselor

Child Advocate

Child Life Specialist

Community Outreach Worker

Disaster Relief Worker

Domestic Violence Counselor

Family Support Worker

Grief Counselor

Health Educator

Human Services Employee

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