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Hi Everyone!
Name: Dr. Chung Lee
Title: Director of Computer Science Program
Department: Professional Studies

Dr. Chung Lee is the Director of Computer Science at Kairos University. He has interest in various subjects but major focuses are:

  1. Early detection of skin melanoma by implementation of computer vision system

  2. Object Oriented testing—embedded testing module within a class

  3. Bioinformatics – visualization of genetic information and searching process

  4. Computer Information Security

  5. Cryptography

Academic Degrees & Education
Academic Appointments & Experience
University of California, Los Angeles
Post-Doc in Epidemiology
University of California, Los Angeles
Post-Doc in Biostatistics
Michigan State University
Ph.D. in Crop Science/Biotech
Seoul National University
M.S. in Agronomy
Seoul National University
B.S. in Agronomy
Kairos University
Director of Computer Science Program
Cal State Poly, Pomona
Computer Science Professor
Florida Institute of Technology
Computer Science Adjunct Professor
Cal State Poly, Pomona
Computer Science Associate Professor
California State University
Programmer/User Support

Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA in Pasadena, Ca.

      Conducted lecture series in computer graphics 5 times (15 week each)


Rockwell International, Downey, Ca.

--Taught in-house training courses in Data Structure and Ada language.

-- Production team of video course series in Software Engineering

-- Conducted research project in Software tool usage analysis for the company.

-- Planned joint project between Rockwell and Cal Poly for computerized restoration of old design specification.

-- Served as faculty advisor for unit testing of Gun Ship control software in Ada. (Involving 30 students)


Conducted special seminar on Statistics of Software Engineering at Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie-Mellon University(SEI-CMU).


Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, Pasadena, Cal.

Offered a course series in Object Oriented Software Engineering to employees of MIPS(Multi-purpose Image Processing System) group.

This lasted 9 month and team-taught with 3 other faculties in the CS department.

Cal Poly Pomona

--Taught 3 special sessions in Object Oriented programming for Japanese Engineers from Sony and Hitachi. (6 week course)

--Taught courses in Object Oriented method, graphics and Database for Korean teachers. (10 week course)


 : Taught courses in Computer graphics and Java language to CS majors of Yanbian University of Science and Technology(YUST) and government officials in Yanji, China.


 : Summer faculty of JPL-NASA researching on Dynamic reloadable controller (Plug-ins) for various image file format conversion.


Sabbatical leave to JPL-NASA researching on Image File compression algorithms (Fractal algorithm).


: Traveled various countries including Guatemala, Costa Rica, China and Indonesia to give seminars and special sessions in Computer ethics, Java language, system security and Bioinformatics.

Publications & Presentations

Belief Propagation Algorithm for early Vision System  by C. Lee (2013)   3rd Mongolian Science Conference by Mongolia National University (April 26, 2013) Proceeding  : P108-113

      SOA Model for OSS in Mongolia : C. Lee (2012)

                           Open Source Software (Open Technet)  Annual Conference 2012, P 14-32

                           Held at Huree ICT University (May 22 -23)


Detection of Human Emotion in written by text Hidden Markoff Model  (2012) 

       By Lee, C. and MJ Park. JAIR (Journal of AI Research) Vol 50:443-447


SOA Model for OSS in Mongolia : C. Lee (2012)

       Open Source Software Annual Conference 2012, P 14-32

                           Held at Huree ICT University (May 22 -23)


Data Warehouse model to improve Decision Support System. C. Lee

        10th Anniversary Research Forum. Oct.4, 2012

                          (Also submitted to IEEE Database Journal) 


Data Warehouse model to improve Decision Support System. C. Lee

         10th Anniversary Research Forum. Oct.4, 2012

                          (Also submitted to IEEE Database Journal) 


Content Based Information Retrieval for Multimedia Database  (2011) C. Lee

          International Journal of Computer Vision Vol 32 : 133-140 (2008)

                          (Also presented in Research Forum  2011 : Huree ICT University Proceeding (P30 – 41)


Wavelet analysis for detection of Human Emotion from Voice Pattern (2011) .

          By Lee, C. and J. Pan.  JAIR (Journal of AI Research) Vol 49: 243-249


Animation of Facial Emotion using Catmul-Rom curve generation (2010)

          With H H Lee—IEEE Computer Graphics proceeding SPIE Vol 7130 GA 5 (2010).


Visualization of Multidimensional Database (2008) by Lee, C. Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis (2008)              On January 28-29, 2008 at San Jose, California.  Proceeding  SPIE Vol 6809 OM7


Message board for tracking group memory and information in non homogeneous computing environment (2007) by                Paul Daniel Kudrle and C. Lee. Network architecture  Newletter Vol 32: 322-327


Application of dynamic Belief Propagation in edge detection algorithm (2007) Charles C Limm and C.Lee  Cal Poly               Journal of Research Vol 25:89-94


Content Based Information Retrieval for Image file (2007) Ani Assadooran and  C. Lee

         International Journal of Computer Vision Vol 32 : 133-140 (2008)    


Application of SOMs in Gene Clustering for gene finding (2006) Kim-Thi Nguyen and C. Lee  Journal of Research, Cal           Poly Pub. Vol 25 : 211-218


XML-based Intelligent Screen Monitor for GUI interface (2005) by Parmonangan   Nainggolan and C. Lee . Cal Poly               Journal of Research Vol 24: 104- 110


Designing a Web Service To Achieve Interoperability Between Different Reaction Retrieval Systems (2004) C. Lee and           Kumal Ghandi Software Newsletter Vol 43 : 134-135


Simulation Modeling and Implementation of a Fault Tolerant Software System(2004)  by Rafik Soukasians and C. Lee          Cal Poly Journal of Research Vol 23: 89-94


2011 – 2012  Huree ICT University


  1. “What is OSS? Why is it important?” Opening ceremony for Open Source Software Center

  2. “Universe : Its origin, current status and future” 4 presentation series

  3. “College Life in US and Europe” All-University lecture series

  4.  “Global warming and its impact to climatic environment” Special seminar series

  5. “Group dynamics in teamwork oriented software project”  At Japan-Mongolia joint research forum

  6. “Object Oriented  Approaches to software and database application” for Academic lecture series.

  7. “CBIR approaches to multimedia data”  Research Forum presentation


2013-2015 at MIU


  1. “OOS trends-focus on LAMP series”  Campus-wide presentation and workshop

  2. “MOODLE software workshop” Two one-and half hour session done 4 times.

  3. “Python : A script language for teaching programming concept” Three hour session presented 2 times.

  4. “Techniques to detect human emotion” Campus-wide faculty colloquium (Fall 2013 semester)

  5. “Early detection of skin melanoma cancer using computer vision technique”  Campus-wide faculty colloquium (Spring  2014 semester)

  6. “Bioinformatics : A bridge between Biology and Information Science: Campus-wide faculty colloquium (Fall  2014 semester)

  7. “Computer simulation method for traffic pattern in a city” Research forum

  8. “One –hour programming method for young generation” Workshop for highschool students.



  1. Teaching classes online for MIU graduate and undergraduate students

  2. Intensive courses at Huree ICT university – Computer Security, Cryptography and Digital Forensics 

  3. MIU colloquium titled “Quantum Cryptography in Industry 4.0”

  4. Seminar on “Cryptography and application of quantum computation” at Huree ICT University

  5. Appeared Mongolian National TV program on Cyber Security  (May 18, 2017)


Other significant activities at Cal Poly:

  1. Committee member or chair of curriculum, courses coordination, laboratory, budget and student advising.

  2. Faculty advisor of Rose Float and other numerous student activities.

  3. Directed and co-authored graduate theses for master candidate students. So far I have successfully directed over 50-graduate student which is the highest in the department. The subjects range database, vision system, computer graphics, Computer Assisted Instruction, Human Computer Interaction, computer simulation and operating system.

  4. GIS (Graphics Information System) project in cooperation with ESRI in Redland.

Teaching Subjects

   Listed below are undergraduate courses I teach regularly at Cal Poly.

  1. Programming Languages  -- Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C/C++, Ada, Java

  2. Data Structure (CS 240-241)

  3. Computer Graphics (CS 244 and CS 445 -- one for introductory, the other for advanced)

  4. GUI Programming (CS245)

  5. Object Oriented Programming (CS 356)

  6. Computer Simulation (CS 390)

  7. Programming language concept (CS 408)

  8. Operating Systems (CS 431)

  9. Software Engineering (CS 480, 481)

  10. Graduate and undergraduate Seminar (CS 463, 664)


Graduate Courses

  1. Computer Assisted Instruction (CS 510)

  2. Computer Vision (CS 519)

  3. Image Procession (CS 555)

  4. Human-Computer Interaction (CS570)

15 Software verification and validation (CS 585)

16  Bioinformatics for Computer Scientists (CS 560)

Course Taught Recently

Software Engineering : Huree, MIU (2011-2016)

  1. Artificial Intelligence : Huree/MIU(2011-2018)

  2. Algorithm analysis and design : MIU (2014)

  3. Computer/Network security :  Huree/MIU(2012-2018)

  4. Discrete Mathematics : MIU(2015)

  5. Computer Graphics : MIU(2013)

  6. Database system-theory and application : Huree/MIU(2012-2018)

  7. Multimedia files: MIU(2015)

  8. Operating systems: MIU(2013)

  9. Object Oriented Programming: MIU(2015)

  10. Digital Forensics : Huree (2017-2018)

  11. Cryptography : Huree (2017-2018)

  12. Network Hacking methods : Huree (2018)

  13. Technical writing for Scientists : MIU(2018)

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