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Church Planting (CPC)

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The Church Planting Certificate Program at Kairos University of California offers a structured and comprehensive learning experience designed to equip future church planters with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their ministry.

Support Group

Key Features of the Program

Curriculum and Interaction: The program consists of seven interactive online courses, each carefully
crafted to provide in-depth instruction and guidance. This intensive feedback process ensures that each
learner receives personalized guidance and support, enhancing the educational experience.

Efficient Online Platform: Kairos University of California provides a highly scalable and user-friendly online platform.
Cohort members have the convenience of tracking their own progress throughout the program.

Cohort Learning Model: The program's success is significantly enhanced by a cohort learning model.
This collaborative approach fosters a sense of community and mutual support among church planters,
making the learning journey more enriching and engaging.

Professional Certification: Upon successful completion of all course workbooks, Kairos University
awards a prestigious professional church planting certificate. This certificate is a testament to the
learner's dedication and proficiency in the field of church planting, adding credibility to their ministry

Certificate Program in Church Planting

Course 1: Missional Theology and Biblical Interpretation


  •  Develop a profound missional perspective for interpreting Scripture and theology, with a focus on its application to personal biblical reading.

  •  Identify the divine undertakings within your immediate context and explore how your church plant can actively participate in them.

  •  Craft, or revise, mission, vision, and values statements that authentically represent your team's deep-rooted biblical and contextual comprehension.


Course 2: Holistic Evangelism in the Postmodern Era

  •  Formulate a comprehensive evangelism plan tailored to your unique context, encompassing innovative missional approaches.

  •  Analyze the cultural rhythms and sensitivities specific to your community, and construct a contextualization plan that positions you as an insider.

  •  Evaluate the potential growth of your church plant by effectively identifying, nurturing, and deploying productive leaders capable of initiating new church communities.


Course 3: Spiritual Formation and Growth for Planters


  •  Undertake a comprehensive self-assessment of your current spiritual formation journey.

  •  Explore and experiment with a repertoire of five missional spirituality practices.

  •  Develop a personalized set of spiritual disciplines, known as a Rule of Life, to foster growth in faith and formation through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Course 4: Nurturing Organizational Leadership in Church Planting


  •  Discern the distinctive dynamics of leadership within the context of a church plant.

  •  Identify potential members for your launch team and formulate discerning criteria for their selection.

  •  Recognize and address the typical developmental stages and challenges faced by launch teams.

  •  Analyze biblical examples of leadership teams marked by empowerment, diversity, and a strong missional ethos.

  •  Formulate a strategic plan for instilling shared missional practices within your leadership team.


Course 5: Strategies for Church Planting and Growth


  •  Articulate the inherent benefits and significance of identifying the cultural contexts relevant to your church plant and its intended audience.

  •  Systematically catalog the defining aspects of your city's context, gathering pertinent data.

  •  Construct a holistic portrait of the people group to whom God is calling you to minister, and refine your church's mission, vision, values statements, and tagline in alignment with this insight.

  •  Create an adaptive leadership plan designed to pivot your church plant's strategy in response to the unique demands of your context.

  •  Carefully select a church planting model that resonates with your mission, vision, values, and cultural context, and secure the requisite resources to establish your church.


Course 6: Final Project - Developing a Comprehensive Church Planting Plan


In this culminating course, you will synthesize the knowledge and skills acquired from the preceding six courses into a cohesive church planting plan. The prospectus serves as a statement of your vision, values, and objectives, offering an initial strategy, timeline, and budget for realizing your mission. It functions as a guiding compass for your team, a potent marketing tool for potential donors seeking to understand your church's purpose, and a vital document for denominational leaders or your sending church to remain informed and engaged with your ministry journey.

Professional Certificate Upon Completion


Upon successful completion of all course workbooks and the final project, learners will be conferred with a prestigious professional church planting certificate from Fuller Seminary. This certificate is a tangible and esteemed recognition of the learner's dedication, commitment, and the comprehensive training received.
This professional certificate attests that the certificate holder has acquired the requisite formation, training, practical experience, and thorough preparation necessary to initiate a missional church in any corner of the world. It signifies a well-earned achievement and a significant milestone in their journey toward effective church planting.


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