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Hi Everyone!
Name:    DR. Sang Hun Roh
Title:    Professor of Counseling
Department:    Counseling
Dr. Roh is a teacher, writer, educator, counselor, pastor, and pioneer in counseling and ministry. He has numerous publications and unique counseling programs. Under his leadership and innovative programs he has formed New Life counseling series. New Life counseling series was started over 15 years ago to educate and teach new form for healing methods and has trained over 5000 students. He is an author of numerous articles and publications relating to psychology and inner healing. He is also a pastor at NSP church near Seoul Korea and are active clinical psychologist.
Academic Degrees & Education
Wheaton Graduate School, Wheaton, IL
Doctor of Clinical Psychology
MA in theology
MA in Education
Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL
Master of Divinity
LeTourneau University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science engineering
Academic Appointments & Experience
Kairos University
Director of Counseling Department
Hapdong Theological Seminary
Practical Theology Professor
Asia United Theological University and Seminary
Practical Theology Adjunct Professor
Nam Seoul Eunhe Church
Senior Pastor
Global Partners
Publications & Presentations
Breakup from Addiction: Brian, Spiritual Formation and Addiction (Hongsung Press: 2021)

Man, Image of God (New Life Press)

New Life, Heart life (New Life Press)

Love, Addiction, and Spirituality (New Life Press)

Body and Spirit (New Life Press)

Words and Meaning and Thoughts (New Life Press)

Thankful Heart and Healing (New Life Press)

Disease and Spiritual Healing and Relationship (New Life Press)

Heart, Meditation, Prayer, and Healing (New Life Press)
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