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Hi Everyone!
Name:    :DR. Grace Choi-Kim
Title:    Executive Vice President
Department:    Seminary
My work and experiences are very diverse: they range from teaching at GTU, in Berkeley, Methodist University and Seminary in Seoul, Korea and Mongolian seminary to being a counselor and curriculum developer at multi-ethnic church in America and a founder of Kairos International University in Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea over 25 years, These experiences have taught me how people understand and experience Christian faith with prism of their own culture and world-view. My teaching and ministry are to focus on equipping global leaders to engage the world with the gospel by cultivating excellence in worship, ministry, and mission.
Academic Degrees & Education
Garrett Evangelical Seminary
Doctor of Philosophy: Pastoral Counseling & Theological Education
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Master of Divinity
Union Presbyterian Seminary
Master of Arts in Christian Education
Liberty University
Master of Religious Education
Seoul Women’s University
Bachelor of Arts, German Language and Literature
Academic Appointments & Experience
Kairos University, Campus of America Evangelical University
Vice President
Kairos International University
Vice President
Oikos University
Academic Dean
Methodist Theological University and Seminary
Teaching as a Visiting Scholar Adjunct Professor
Vision University in Australia
Professor Asia Sites
Mongolia Trinity Bible College in Huree University
Professor of Practical Theology and Pastoral Counseling
Huree University
Vice President of International Relations
Graduate Theological Union in Berkley
Adjunct professor
Logos Evangelical Seminary
Adjunct professor
Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary
Teaching Fellow
American Association of Christian Counselor

American Academy of Religion

Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education

Religious Education Association

Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity

Asian American Women on Leadership
Publications & Presentations
Chapter Six “Hannah: I will never be Same again,” Grace Choi-Kim, edited by Young Lee Hertig and Chloe Sun, The Yin and Yang of Leadership: Biblical Characters According to Asian American Women (Wipf & Stock Press, 2010).

Revelation. English-to-Korean translation, Seoul (Precept Ministry Press: 1995).
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