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Hi Everyone!
Name:    :DR. Daniel C. Lane
Title:    Academic Dean, Professor of Old Testament
Department:    Seminary
Academic Degrees & Education
Trinity International University / Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Ph.D. (Old Testament)
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Indiana University
B.A. (Economics)
Academic Appointments & Experience
Kairos University
Academic Dean, and OT Faculty Member
Wheaton College
Assistant Professor and Adjunct Faculty
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Extension Faculty
Trinity Western Seminary (Canada)
Wheaton College
Instructor. Adjunct Faculty
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Teaching Fellow in Hebrew
Village Church of Barrington (EFCA),
Church Administrator
Cavalier Evangelical Free Church
Graduated cum laude Masters of Divinity (1987) National Merit Scholarship Commended Scholar (1969)
Publications & Presentations
"Some Difficulties in Covenant Theology's View of Baptism as a 'Seal'," Bibliotheca Sacra 165 (2008): 164-177.

Submitted to JETS, on Michael Horton's God of Promise: Introducing Covenant Theology (Baker Books, 2006).

"A Working Proposal for the Macro-trajectory of the Psalter: The King–Kingdom Parallel in the Macro-trajectory of the Psalter", Nov 2011 Annual ETS Conference (35 pages).

"The Messianic Connections between Psalms 89, 91 & 92; Implications for the Overall Trajectory of the Psalter," March 2011 Midwest Region ETS Conference (25 pages).

"'Under the Sun'—the Curiously Overlooked Interpretive Key to the Book of Ecclesiastes," March 2010 Midwest Region ETS Conference (27 pages).

"The 'Seed of Abraham' or the 'Sons of Israel'—Who Inherits the Promised Land?" Nov 2009 Annual ETS Conference (38 pages).

"Covenant Theology's Mistaken Double Reading of the Expression: 'And to your seed'; Implications for the Reformed Doctrine of Infant Baptism," Nov 2006 Annual ETS Conference (29 pages).

"Was Circumcision the 'Seal' of the Abrahamic Covenant, Part 2: How Reformed Theology Misunderstands and Misapplies Romans 4:11," Nov 2005 Annual ETS Conference (30 pages).

"Was Circumcision the 'Seal' of the Abrahamic Covenant, Part 1: Major Conceptual Difficulties in Covenant Theology's View of the Sacraments as 'Seals'," Nov 2004 Annual ETS Conference (32 pages).

"The Death & Resurrection of the Messiah Foreshadowed in the Macro-structure of Books III, IV & V of the Psalter," Nov 2003 Annual ETS Conference (36 pages).

"The Meaning of 'Covenant' in the Old Testament, with Implications for Dispensationalism & Covenant Theology," Nov 2002 Annual ETS Conference (50 pages).

"Book III as the Key to the Macro-Structure of the Psalter," Nov 2001 Annual ETS Conference (23 pages).
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