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Hi Everyone!
Name:    DR. Kevin Grant
Title:    Professor of Organizational Leadership
Department:    Seminary
A seasoned professional educator, with extensive teaching experience Business Administration and Management, who creates a learning environment, with student engagement, to achieve established learning outcomes of the University. Understands the educational setting achieving curriculum development, increased student learning, maintains course rigor and provides the overriding outcome of generating a student-centric environment. My learning environment focuses on integrating conceptual theory and work experience providing students with teaching moments in theoretical learning, discovery and application. Proficient teaching using hybrid, blended and online learning platforms. Inducted into International Educators Hall of Fame.
Academic Degrees & Education
Regent University
Doctor of Philosophy in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship (PhD)
Azusa Pacific University
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Entrepreneurial Finance
Sterling College
Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Business Administration
Academic Appointments & Experience
Strategic Finance and Leadership Consultant, Los Angeles, Ca
Keller Graduate School, Long Beach, Ca
Dean of Graduate Studies
Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, Ca
Assistant Professor (Finance, Strategy, Management)
Forever Green Art, Lake Forest, Ca
Martin Associates, Santa Ana, Ca
Fieldstead & Company, Irvine Ca
Chief of Staff
Coast Hills Community Church, Alsio Viejo, Ca
Executive Director Finance and Administration
ICL Computers, Lake Forest, Ca
Treasurer and Controller, North America
Dean of the Year 2009-2010 Award in the Los Angeles Metro
Blind Reviewer: Journal of Management: Spirituality and Religion (JMSR), Academy of Management

SMOI (Standing Management of Organizational Inquiry)

Soren Kierkegaard: Monthly study group, The Psychiatry & Spiritual Forum at UCI
Publications & Presentations
Pena, D. and Grant, K. (2019) The impact of an art-based experience on leadership development, Work Based Learning e-Journal International Vol. 8 issue 2,

Grant, K. (January 2014). Creating an Alternative Future, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (February 2014) Icebergs Sink Ships, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (March 2014). Coffee Stirrings, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (May 2014). I Just Got Zapped, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (June 2014). Leadership is About a Person not a Position, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (July 2014). Sailing Beyond the Horizon, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (August 2014). Burn the Ships, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (September 2014). Runners Leap at the Tape, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (October 2014). The Father Factor, The Exemplar Paper.

Grant, K. (November 2014). Now I Become Myself; Building a Leader’s Legacy, The Exemplar Paper.

Boje, D. & Grant, K. (2011). Storytelling and the Future of Organizations: An Antenarrative Handbook (Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations and Society, New York. (Chapter 5: The Creative Spirit of the Leader’s Soul: Using Antenarratives to Explain Metanoia Experiences.

Grant, K. (2009). A journey called metanoia: An antenarrative of a leader’s personal journey. Contemporary Review: A Transdisciplinary Journal. Winter 2009.

Grant, K. (2009). Finding a Higher Calling: Using a Metanoia Experience to Find the Spiritual Aspect of Leadership. 32nd Annual Conference of the Society of Educators and Scholars, Costa Mesa, Ca.

Grant, K. (2009). The Journey called metanoia: How to find meaning and purpose. Submitted for review to Inner Resource Journal, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA.

Grant, K. (2009). Chapter contribution: The Creative Spirit of the Leader. Antenarrative and Storytelling Organizations Handbook, by Dr. David Boje. Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, New York, New York. (Scheduled for release March 2010)
Kairos University, Garden Grove California
Adjunct Professor, MBA, Undergraduate
UCLA, Los Angeles California
Adjunct Professor, MBA, Undergraduate
Westcliff University, Irvine, California
Associate Professor, MBA, DBA
La Sierra University, Riverside California
Adjunct Professor, MBA, Undergraduate
Chapman University, Orange California
Adjunct Professor, MBA, Undergraduate
Concordia University, Irvine California
Adjunct Professor, MBA, Undergraduate
Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Core Adjunct Professor
Keller Graduate School of Business and Management, Long Beach California
Senior Core Adjunct Faculty Member
Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California
Assistant Professor, School of Business and Management
Webster University, Irvine, California
Adjunct Professor
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