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Hi Everyone!
Name: Dr. Hansol Park
Title: Professor of Computer Science
Department: Professional Studies

Dr. Hansol Park is currently the Professor of Computer Science at Kairos University. He has 15 years software development experience, avionics software and unmanned system software experience. Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering.

B.S. Mechanical Aerospace Engineering & Computer Science and Engineering. (Double Major) P.E.(Professional Engineer) license.

Academic Degrees & Education
Academic Appointments & Experience
Konkuk University
Ph.D. of Computer Science and Engineering
Konkuk University
Master of Computer Science and Engineering
Konkuk University
Bachelor of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering
Kairos University
Computer Science Professor
Hanwha Systems
Sr. Staff Engineer, Embedded Software
Samsung Thales/Hanwha Systems
Chief Software Engineer, Software Team Lead

Sr. Staff Engineer, Embedded Software. Dept. of Air Mobility Lab 

Hanwha Systems, Irvine, CA        06-01-2020 - Current

  • Development of Fly-By-Wire avionics embedded software for UAM aircraft.

  • Development of motion control software for aircraft propulsion system.


Chief Software Engineer. Software Team Lead. Avionics Center

Samsung Thales / Hanwha Systems, Seoul, Korea     08-01-2012 - 05-31-2020

  • Development of mission computer software for Korean Fighter eXperimental (KFX) program

  • Development of multi-function display software for KFX program

  • Development of intercom system software for F-15SA


Researcher. Dept. of Avionics

Agency for Defense Development     07-01-2008 - 06-30-2012

  • Development of Mission Computer for Korean Utility Helicopter (KHP)

  • Development of Integrated Digital Map Computer for KHP

Publications & Presentations
  • HJ. Choi, DI. Lee, SJ. Park, HR. Choi, HS. Park, KS. An, “Time-varying Proportional Navigation Guidance using Deep Reinforcement Learning”, Journal of the KIMST, v.23, no.4, pp.399 – 406, Aug.2020

  • HS. Park, HJ. Park, “Testing data collection and analysis methods based on association mining for debugging of the embedded software”, The Journal of KINGComputing, Vol.13, No.6, pp.44-53, 2017

  • HS. Park, “Software Design of Stores Management System based on the TMO Model”, Journal of the Korea Society of Systems Engineering (J.KOSSE), Vol.13, No.1, pp.1-6, Jun.2017

  • JB. Kang, HS. Park, at el, “Professional Engineer Information Technology – Theory & Strategy”, Korea Productivity Center, 2016

  • DH. Lee, HS. Park, “The Design of a Fault Tolerant Store Management System”, Journal of The Korea Society of Computer and Information (JKSCI), Vol.20, No.10, pp.1-5, Dec.2015

  • HS. Park, “Design Technique and Application for Distributed Recovery Block Using the Partitioning Operating System Based on Multi-Core System”, Journal of institute of Korean Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Vol.19, No.3, Sep.2015, pp.357 - 365

  • HS. Park, MH. Kim, at el, “Design and Experimental Validation of UAV Control System Software Based on the TMO Structuring Scheme.” SEUS2007, LNCS4761, pp.192-201

  • EH. Jo, DH. Kim, HS. Park, MH. Kim, “Globally Synchronized Multimedia Streaming Architecture Based on Time-Triggered and Message-Triggered Object Model.”, PDCAT2004, LNCS3320, pp.736-739

  • 2019.03: Commendation from Minister of Science, Technology and Information

Licenses & Certification
  • 2013.01: Certificate of Achievement DO-178/DO-254 training

  • 2015.05: Professional Engineer

  • Computer System Application

  • 2021.07: Certification of business management ability

  • 2015.05: Regular member of Korean Professional Engineers Association

  • 2016.05: Regular member of Technical Volunteer Organization

  • 2019.01: Certification examiner for CSTS (Certified Software Test Specialist)

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