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Hi Everyone!
Name: Dr. Jin Han
Title: Professor of Counseling
Department: Counseling

Dr. Jin Han is currently the Professor of Counseling at Kairos University. He has multiple years of experience in ministry and counseling within church ministries as well as plethora of universities. Ph.D. in the School of Psychology, Marriage and FamilyMaster of Divinity in Practical Theology, Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology.

Academic Degrees & Education
Academic Appointments & Experience
Fuller Theological Seminary
Ph.D. in the School of Psychology, Marriage and Family
Talbot Theological Seminary
Master of Divinity in Practical Theology
University of California, Irvine
Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology
Kairos University
Professor of Counseling
Grace Mission University
Adjunct Professor
Methodist Theological Seminary in America
Adjunct Professor
Kernel University
Adjunct Professor
Church Ministry
  • Singles Ministry & Counseling Ministry Pastor, Church of Southland (Multi-ethnic church) 

  • Senior Pastor, Urim Church, 

  • Marriage & Family Ministry Director /Associate Pastor, Sammul Church, 

  • Education & Family Ministry Pastor, Mission Community Church 

  • Director of Young Adult Dept. Pastor, Cerritos Oriental Mission Church 

  • Director of Education Dept. Pastor, LA Oriental Mission Church 

  • English Ministry Pastor, Westhills Presbyterian Church 

Parachurch & College Ministry
  • UCLA KCCC Stuff 

  • Korean Campus Crusade for Christ 

  • Bible Study/Worship Leader 

  • Bible Study Leader 

  • Foreign Students Bible Study Leader 

  • Little Spark Mission 

  • Korean Campus Crusade for Christ 

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