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Associate of Arts in Leadership Studies (Counseling concentration)

The Associate of Arts in Leadership Studies (AALS) is a two-year program designed to equip students to serve as effective Christian leaders in a variety of capacities, especially in Christian ministry. The AALS is a concise, well-balanced program in biblical and leadership studies ideal for students who may not be able to commit to a longer program.


It offers three concentration options: Pastoral Ministry, Christian Counseling, and Worship, Media & Creative Arts. All three have a core of Bible and theology courses, because Christian leadership involves not only having practical leadership skills, but also the biblical & theological knowledge necessary to live and to lead as a Christian.


Christian Counseling Concentration:

The Christian Counseling concentration of the AALS prepares students with the training and skills to provide effective biblical and spiritual counsel, and especially to function as a valuable member of a church ministry team. The counseling courses are built upon a foundation of Bible, theology, and leadership courses that give the student a well-rounded foundation to serve in Christian ministry or in other capacities in the community.





The course descriptions for the courses listed below may be found in the Academic Catalog.

Biblical/Theological Studies 15 Credits
BS 101 Bible Panorama (or, BS 104, NT Survey)
BS 102 Biblical Interpretation
BS 103 Old Testament Survey
BS 104 New Testament Survey
TH 211 Theological Foundations:
The Doctrines of God and Scripture
TH 313 Theological Foundations:
The Doctrines of Christ and Salvation

Ministry & Leadership Courses 12 Credits
Students may request to substitute a Pastoral Ministry
course for one of the following courses.
PT 101 Inner Healing and Prayer
PT 102 Essentials of Spiritual Formation*
PT 103 Communion with God*
*Students will normally take either PT 102 or PT 103.
PT 219 Evangelism and Discipleship
PT 245 Fundamentals of Christian Leadership**
PT 301 Organizational Leadership**
**Students will normally take either PT 245 or PT 301.
PT 345 Foundations of Preaching
CC 406 Holistic Healing and Spirituality

General Education 15 Credits
HS 325 Western History I (required)
GE 101 English Composition*
GE 104 Introduction to Sociology (required)
GE 221 Academic Writing*
GE 242 Health Studies (required)
* Students must take either GE 101 or GE 221;
students may take both. Students who take only one
of those two courses will take one of the following:
GE 216 Ethics and Worldview
GE 310 Digital Literacy Essentials

Internships 3 Credits, or 6 Credits
 Students who have little or no ministry experience
need to take at least one internship course.
 They may choose to take a second internship course
in place of a Ministry & Leadership course.
 Students who have years of ministry experience do
not need to take an internship, and may take a different
course instead.
PM 301 Internship #1 (required)
PM 302 Internship #2 (optional)

AALS Concentrations

Pastoral Ministry Concentration
15 Credits (choose 5 courses)

BS 115 Introduction to the Pentateuch
BS 204 Survey of the Gospels
BS 212 OT Historical Books
BS 217 The Acts of the Apostles
BS 314 Survey of the OT Major Prophets
BS 419 Introduction to the OT Wisdom Books
BS 427 Survey of the New Testament Epistles
BS 435 The Book of Revelation
MS 313 Theology and Practice of Mission
PT 456 Basics of Church Planting
WM 305 Worship in the Life of the Church
TH 422 Theological Foundations: The Holy Spirit.
HS 326 Western History II

Early Childhood Education Concentration
15 Credits (choose 5 courses)

ECE 101 Introduction to Early Child Development
ECE 102 Early Childhood Education Curriculum and
ECE 103 Child Psychology
ECE 104 Observation and Assessment in Early
Childhood Education
ECE 201 Family and Community Engagement in Early
Childhood Education
ECE 202 Early Literacy and Language Development
ECE 203 Health, Safety, and Nutrition in Early Childhood
ECE 204 Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Planning
for Teaching and Learning

Christian Counseling Concentration
15 Credits (choose 5 courses)

CC 301 Life Development & Change
CC 302 Marriage & Family Counseling
CC 303 Models of Counseling & Practice
CC 304 Child and Adolescent Counseling
CC 305 Anxiety, Crisis & Trauma Counseling
CC 406 Holistic Healing and Spirituality
CC 407 Creative Drama Therapy
CC 408 Drama Therapy and Identity
CC 409 Difference Counseling
CC 410 God-shaped Brain and Heart
CC 411 Transformation with Addictive Populations

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Concentration 21 Credits (7 courses)

Students in the AALS CDAC program will take all seven
of the courses in their concentration.
The CDAC concentration requires a total of 22 courses /
66 credits.
CADC 101 Introduction and Overview of Drug and

Alcohol Addiction

CADC 102 Physiology and Pharmacology of Alcohol and

Other Drugs
CADC 103 Law and Ethics
CADC 104 Case Management
CADC 105 Individual, Group, and Family Counseling
CADC 106 Personal and Professional Growth
CADC 107 Supervised Fieldwork Practicum

Worship, Media, and Creative Arts Concentration
15 Credits (choose 5 courses)

WM 301 Foundations of Music Ministry
WM 302 Using Creative Arts in Worship
WM 303 History of Worship Arts
WM 304 Innovative & Creative Worship and Media.
WM 305 Worship in the Life of the Church
WM 406 Audio Production
WM 407 Video Production
WM 408 Worship Leadership & Administration
WM 409 Music Theory
WM 410 Music in Worship

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