Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies (Counseling concentration)

4 years    |    120 Credits[Units]
Academic Program Description and Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies (Counseling concentration) is a 4-year program based on 120 semester units. The BALS is designed to equip students for pastoral ministry and leadership within the local church, as well as in Christian or non-Christian non-profit and mission organizations.

The program will provide students with an extensive knowledge of the Bible and the skills to communicate God's word effectively in the power of Holy Spirit.

Full BALS Curriculum

The course descriptions for the courses listed below may be found in the Academic Catalog.

    Biblical/Theological Studies 30 Units
    BS 101 Bible Panorama (or, BS 104, NT Survey)
    BS 102 Biblical Interpretation
    BS 103 Old Testament Survey
    BS 104 New Testament Survey
    BS 115 Introduction to the Pentateuch
    BS 204 Survey of the Gospels
    BS 217 The Acts of the Apostles
    BS 427 Survey of New Testament Epistles
    TH 211 Theological Foundations:
    - The Doctrines of God and Scripture
    TH 313 Theological Foundations:
    - The Doctrines of Christ and Salvation
    TH 322 Theological Foundations: The Holy Spirit

    Ministry & Leadership Courses 15 Credits
    Students may request to substitute a Pastoral Ministry course for one of the following courses.

    PT 101 Inner Healing and Prayer
    PT 102 Essentials of Spiritual Formation*
    PT 103 Communion with God*
    * Students will normally take either PT 102 or PT 103.
    PT 219 Evangelism and Discipleship
    PT 245 Fundamentals of Christian Leadership**
    PT 301 Organizational Leadership**
    ** Students will normally take either PT 245 or PT 301.
    PT 345 Foundations of Preaching

    General Education 30 Units
    GE 105 Intercultural Communication*
    GE 118 Introduction to Psychology
    GE 127 Introduction to Philosophy
    GE 216 Introduction to Ethics
    GE 221 Research & Academic Writing*
    * Students will normally take either GE 105 or GE 221.
    GE 234 Economics
    GE 242 Health Studies
    GE 310 Digital Literacy Essentials
    GE 399 Introduction to World Religions
    HS 325 Western History I
    HS 326 Western History II

    Christian Counseling Concentration Electives 21 Credits (choose 7 courses)
    CC 301 Life Development & Change
    CC 302 Marriage & Family Counseling
    CC 303 Models of Counseling & Practice
    CC 304 Child and Adolescent Counseling
    CC 305 Anxiety, Crisis & Trauma Counseling
    CC 406 Holistic Healing and Spirituality
    CC 407 Creative Drama Therapy
    CC 408 Drama Therapy and Identity
    CC 409 Difference Counseling
    CC 410 God-shaped Brain and Heart
    CC 411 Transformation with Addictive Populations

    Free Electives 12 Credits
    Students may select free electives from their own concentration, from the other concentrations, or from other undergraduate Bible, theology & ministry courses listed in the catalog.

    Practicum / Internship 12 Credits
    PM 301 Practicum Internship #1
    PM 302 Practicum Internship #2
    PM 403 Practicum Internship #3
    PM 404 Practicum Internship #4