Doctor of Counseling with Marriage and Family Therapy

3 years    |    40 Credits[Units]
Academic Program Description and Objectives

The Doctor of Counseling is designed to build the knowledge and skills of counselors who work in churches or faith-based organizations, equipping them with the tools necessary to bring healing and hope to hurting individuals. This program prepares DC students for a comprehensive and advanced level of skills that are necessary in pastoral counseling, hospital chaplaincy, crisis pregnancy center leadership, family case management, or other counseling positions which do not require professional licensure.

practical ways to integrate biblical and theological insights to their respective field of work such as Marriage and Family counseling, Premarital and Marital counseling.

the tools and methods to integrate counseling theories and clinical therapy practices with a biblical foundation.

an affordable level of tuition that makes the program financially manageable and would not burden the student with substantial future debt.

a flexible schedule that uses the combination of online, face-to-face classroom, and hybrid education. Students can maintain a full-time level of employment while qualifying as full-time students.

a safe and compassionate environment for students to pursue spiritual growth and to explore diverse learning experiences.

Full DC Curriculum

The course descriptions for the courses listed below may be found in the Academic Catalog.

    Doctor of Counseling Required Core Course Requirements: 19 units
    DC 701 Family Therapy and Christian Counseling (3 units)
    DC 704 Legal, Ethical, and Moral Issues in Counseling Practice (3 units)
    DC 705 Addictions, Assessment, and Interventions in Counseling Therapy (3 units)
    DC 731 Research Design (3 units)
    DC 732 Introduction to Clinical Practice (2 units)
    DC 733 Advanced Clinical Practice (2 units)
    DC 734 Dissertation I Literature Review & Proposal Writing and Defense (3 units)

    Doctor of Counseling Elective Courses: 15 units

    The 15 units may be taken from any of the following courses listed:
    DC 702 Marital Therapy and Christian Counseling (3 units)
    DC 703 Child and Adolescent Therapy (3 units)
    DC 706 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (3 units)
    DC 707 Quantum Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology (3 units)
    DC 708 Gerontology and Christian Counseling (3 units)
    DC 709 Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy (3 units)
    DC 710 Spirituality, Holistic Healing and Christian Counseling (3 units)
    DC 711 Communication Skills in Christian Counseling and Care (3 units)
    DC 712 Difference Education, Consulting, and Counseling (3 units)
    DC 713 Positive Psychology and Christian Counseling (3 units)
    DC 714 Using Spiritual Resources in Christian Counseling and Care (3 units)
    DC 715 Drama Therapy (3 units)
    DC 716 Psychological and Spiritual Assessment (2 units)
    DC 717 Grief and Pastoral Care (3 units)
    DC 718 Theological Foundations, Spiritual Formation, and Christian Counseling (3 units)
    Thesis: 6 units


The course curriculum develops students' core competencies for success in ministry and leadership. Possible careers include:
  • Case Management Worker
  • Child Advocate
  • Child Life Specialist
  • In-house Church Counselor
  • Nonprofit organization counselor
  • Corrections Treatment Specialist
  • Crisis Intervention Counselor
  • Domestic Violence Counselor
  • Family and Human Development Worker
  • Grief Counselor
  • Human Services Employee
Program Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate biblical and psychological counseling competency dealing with the emotional, social, and spiritual needs within the Christian community.
Articulate a philosophy of counseling ministry based upon the integration of biblical, empirical, historical and social science research.
Apply the most widely practiced counseling methods and principles
Exercise attentiveness to their personal spiritual formation and demonstrate critical and analytical knowledge of biblical and theological foundations for counseling.