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Academic Degrees & Education

Fuller Theological Seminary
Doctor of Philosophy in Theology
Vanguard University
Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
Oral Roberts University
Bachelor of Arts (Major: Biblical Studies)

Academic Appointments & Experience

Kairos University
Adjunct Professor, Theology and Church History
Northpoint Bible College and Graduate School/Los Angeles
Location Director
Bethesda University of California
Graduate Dean, Professor of Theology
SoCal Network of the Assemblies of God
Kings University
Adjunct Professor, Theology and Church History
Vanguard University
Adjunct Professor: Christian Heritage, Church History
Canyon Hills Bible College
Professor: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Christian Apologetics, Pastoral Theology, Hebrews, Biblical Hermeneutics
Vanguard University Extension
Professor: Homiletics
Teen Challenge Ministry Institute
Instructor: Life and Teachings of Paul, Corinthians, Life of Christ

Publications & Presentations



Greek I and Greek II

New Testament Introduction

Systematic Theology

Introduction to Theology

Church History

American Church History


Synoptic Gospels

Life of Paul

Life and Teachings of Christ

Introduction to the Bible



Christian Apologetics

Pentecostal History and Theology

Christian Heritage


Pentecostal Foundations for Theology and Ministry

Pre-Reformation Spirituality

Reformation and Post-Reformation Spirituality

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