Admission Requirements

Kairos University has a convenient "Application Checklist," to walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to apply. You can find it under the entry, "Admission Forms." That is also where you can find all of the forms you will need to apply to Kairos University.

(The "Application Checklist" lists all of them.)

Here are the requirements:
  • Complete of the university's Application Form for Admission.
  • Two recommendations from faculty, employers, or church leaders (use our online reference Form).
  • Complete the FAFSA Application form, if you are eligible.
  • All students who are eligible for aid through FAFSA must complete and submit a FAFSA application form.
  • For undergraduate degree programs: Possession of or candidacy for a high school diploma or GED. [Completion of high school or the GED is required before formally enrolling in the university.]
  • For master's-level degree programs: a completed accredited bachelor's degree.
  • Transcripts / Diplomas: For undergraduate degree programs: You may either provide Kairos University with a photo-copy of your high school diploma, or, you can have your high school send an official transcript to us. You should also provide an official transcript from any post-high school education. For Master's-level degree programs: An official transcript from the school from which you received your bachelor's degree, as well as from any other formal post-high school education.
  • One recent photograph.
  • A personal interview with a representative of the university (in person, online, or by phone).
  • Active church participation.
  • Payment of $100.00 application fee