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Academic Calendar Year 2022-2023 Start Date and Mode of Teaching

Kairos University campus of AEU continues to closely follow the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak. We are more committed than ever to provide flexible, affordable, and Christ-centered education to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders in this changing and tumultuous time. As the Covid-19 lock-down has taken toll on many colleges and universities, we at Kairos are thriving, because have taken time to prepare for online mode, and developed culture and willingness to push to new frontiers. So, will continue to of offer high quality education.

  • Start date for Fall of 2022 is August 31
  • Start date for Spring of 2023 is January 10
  • All of our courses will be taught in Hybrid and/or Online
  • Course taught synchronously and asynchronously.
  • Extensive use of live Zoom for lecture and discussion.

Two New Ministry Programs &
Two New Computer Science Programs

We have updated our undergraduate ministry program. The revised program is now called the "Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership' (BAML). It strengthens the programs' biblical foundations, and emphasizes personal spiritual development and practical ministry experience.

We have also added a streamlined two-year version of the BAML, the "Associate of Arts in Ministry Leadership" (AAML), for those for whom a two-year program is more workable than a full bachelor's program. The AAML is well-balanced, and also allows students to choose electives from our undergraduate courses that best meet their personal interests and ministry needs.
In view of the growing demand for computer skills in the marketplace, we have added two new undergraduate computer science programs, a four-year "Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science" (BACS), and a two-year "Associate of Arts in Computer Science" (AACS) degree.

Both of these programs will develop students' core competencies for success in IT careers and leadership in that field. The curriculum incorporates state-of-the-art tools and programming techniques, and the programs emphasize hands-on industry application and knowledge.