Ph.D. Programs

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership

The Ph.D. in Organizational and Global Leadership is a degree program offering two tracks of concentrations that will equip students to serve as missional leaders throughout variety of global ministry contexts. Students are identified leaders whose leadership skills will be strengthened and enhanced through the program. These Ph.D. students will be prepared to lead organizations in the contemporary postmodern world by providing transformational leadership, coaching, and mentoring. Students will be equipped to lead growth and development strategies by identifying, training, and equipping current and future leaders. This program will include proven practices of individual and team growth and development so that organizational vision and strategic aims are fulfilled, both in the local church setting, as well as in society at large. To accomplish this aim, students will choose between the following two tracks: 1) Missional Church Leadership, and 2) Transformational Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring.

The first track is designed to help students cultivate their leadership skills in order to be able to critically evaluate, organize and manage in the diverse contexts of the missional Church, as well as in the contemporary postmodern world. Emphasis will be placed on missional church leadership, theological frameworks, and practical perspectives. In so doing, students are invited to sharpen relevant ministerial, missionary, and nonprofit leadership skills, in order that their work and organizations can thrive in the various contexts of today’s changing society.

The second track is designed to enable students to sharpen their organizational leadership, in order to equip them to critically evaluate their organizations (e.g. ministries, nonprofits, and parachurch organizations) through various leadership assessments. Furthermore, students will learn how to conduct coaching and mentoring as it pertains to management and executive leaders, in order that performance goals may be obtained, and thus, organizations can thrive in the diverse contexts of the contemporary postmodern world.

This program is aimed at attracting ministry leaders as well as leaders from businesses, non-profit organizations, civic organizations, as well as parachurch organizations and associations. It is this wide range of professional people that AEU seeks to attract in order to build its future. The program will increase the student body, enhance the school’s reputation, accomplish diversity outreach goals, and contribute to the financial well-being of the university.