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Working with Laptops

AA/BA in
Computer Science 


Working at a Cafe

Are you interested in Computer Science?

Graduates that earn an AA/BA in the Computer Science Degree Program will be able to apply and synthesize real-world concepts and skills related to information technology.

Typing on Laptop

Practical and Career Driven

Project-Based To Simulate Real-World Experience

Industry Relevant Skills & Certification

Program Description

Computer Science Degree Options:

The Associate of Arts (AA) in Computer Science is a 2-Year Program based on 60 semester units. (Students can choose accelerated graduation in 15 months)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science is a 4-Year Program based on 120 semester units.


The Cohort Learning Model allows students to engage with professors and build community, resulting in a valuable and long-lasting support network.

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