Doctor of Ministry

3 years    |    40 Credits[Units]
Academic Program Description and Objectives

AEU's D.Min. is designed to equip ordained pastors and missionaries with a dynamic and effective pastoral/missional leadership in the contemporary postmodern world. To that end, this program provides the students with concrete ministerial knowledge and skills necessary for their ecclesial and missional ministry to flourish in the evolving cultural contexts of the contemporary world. The curriculum fosters orthopraxy in ever-newly evolving pastoral and missional settings while being deeply rooted in the evangelical tradition faithful to the Gospel of Christ. To accomplish this goal, students can choose between the several concentrations (40 units): for example, Missional Church Leadership, Ministry and Counseling, Mentoring and Coaching, and so forth.

(1) discover and affirm their God-granted ministerial gifts and visions and to envision a concrete road map of ministry.
(2) foster a vision of ministry rooted in the Bible and the evangelical tradition.
(3) develop their unique tools that are employable for fruitful ministry in the 21st-century ecclesial and missional contexts. As a final project, they will have completed their work by publishing it as a book.

Year One (residency or online) - Foundation

Research Writing course + first two courses with 5-day sessions,
+ Cohort Presentations Meetings #1 and #2.: Laying Foundations for Research

Year Two (residency or online) - Exploration

Second two courses with 5-day sessions,
+ Cohort Presentation Meetings #3 and #4. : Dissertation Research Formulation (by fulfilling four course projects to develop and concretize a dissertation topic)

Years Three (residency or online) - Immersion

Focusing on specific topics + Honing a dissertation topic via consultation with a primary mentor; structuring and completing the writing : Completing the Final Project (Thesis)

DM Program - 40 Credits[Units] Total

Course Preparation

Courses with 5-Day Class Sessions

Zoom-conference Cohort Presentations

Final Project / Thesis


The course curriculum develops students' core competencies for success in ministry and leadership. Possible careers include:
  • Senior pastor / preaching pastor positions
  • Significant leadership positions & staff supervision in a large church / mega-church
  • Leadership positions in a large Christian ministry / non-profit organization
  • Ministry leadership (associate pastor, church ministry director, etc.)
  • Chaplaincy
  • Non-Profit Organization Executives
  • Missionaries
  • Denomination Leaders and Directors