Admission Forms

Kairos University Admissions Checklist
   Item: Completed? Date
1 Complete the [university's Application Form for Admission].    
2 Obtain two recommendations from faculty, employers, or church leaders. [Use the university's Reference Form].    
3 Print out the form, "Info Needed and Eligibility Requirements for Filling Out a FAFSA Application."

Complete the FAFSA Application form (through the FAFSA website), if you are eligible. All students who are eligible for aid through FAFSA must complete and submit a FAFSA application form.
4 For undergraduate degree programs:
Possession of or candidacy for a high school diploma or GED.
[Completion of high school or the GED is required before formally enrolling in the university.]
5 For master's-level degree programs:
A completed accredited bachelor's degree.
6 Transcripts / Diplomas:
For undergraduate degree programs:
You may either provide Kairos University with a photo-copy of your high school diploma, or, you can have your high school send an official transcript to us.
You should also provide an official transcript from any post-high school education.

For Master's-level degree programs:
An official transcript from the school from which you received your bachelor's degree, as well as from any other formal post-high school education.

To obtain a transcript and send it to Kairos University:
You will need to contact your school(s), and request them to send the transcripts directly to Kairos University. There is usually a modest fee; it can usually all be done online. Have them send the transcript to: info.kairos@aeu.edu.
7 One recent photograph.    
8 A personal interview with a representative of the university (in person, online, or by phone).    
9 Verify that you are actively involved in a church.
This can be verified by your pastor on the Reference Form (Item #2, above), or by letter from your church or pastor, emailed to info.kairos@aeu.edu
10 Payment of the $100.00 application fee.
Make the check out to: Kairos University
11 Apply for Kairos University scholarships (optional/if needed).