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Ph.D. in Organizational and Global Leadership with Missional Church Leadership
   |    40 CREDITS[UNITS]

The Ph.D. in Organizational and Global Leadership is a degree program that will equip students to serve as missional leaders in a broad variety of global ministry contexts. It is designed to help students maximize their leadership and organizational potential. Students will sharpen their ability to critically evaluate their organizations (e.g. ministries, nonprofits, and parachurch organizations) through various leadership assessments. They will be trained in formulating strategies for growth and development, as well as in identifying and equipping current and future leaders. Emphasis will be placed on missional church leadership, theological foundations, and practical perspectives. In all of this, students will sharpen relevant ministerial, missionary, and nonprofit leadership skills so that their organizations can thrive in the diverse contexts of the contemporary postmodern world.


Students will gain the necessary competencies through the program courses. The successful completion of a doctoral dissertation will demonstrate a student's comprehensive research and findings in a particular field of leadership. Students will gain a thorough understanding in essential areas of organizational leadership.



This program will include proven practices of individual and team growth and development, in order that organizational visions and strategic aims may be fulfilled. The program fosters learning in a vibrant community of fellow-believers, in which our students are mentored and supported as they pursue their vocation.


Be the leader who develops church leaders. Students will acquire a comprehensive and critical understanding of church leadership in cross-cultural ministry


Perform an organizational coaching readiness assessment




The course descriptions for the courses listed below may be found in the Academic Catalog.

Program Overview
Missional Church Leadership (40 Units)


- At the end of each semester, students are required to submit their updated dissertation work (i.e. OLDR Dissertation I-IV)

Course Descriptions for the Courses Taken in Year 1

OLDR 9101 Introduction to Online Learning, Research Design and Analysis (2 Units) In this program's foundational course, students learn research methods and online learning tools. Research is vital for this program, therefore students are taught skills that will help them understand the learning management system as well as research strategies and sources, which are foundational tools for this program.

OLDR 9201 Organizational Leadership (3 Units) Students will learn leadership and management theories. The evolution of leadership and management concepts will be explored. Students will hone leadership and management skills so that measurable impact can be made throughout various organizational contexts.

OLDR 9202 Strategic Leadership & Management of Global Change (3 Units) In this course, students will focus on leadership decision making, as well as on analysis, implementation, and assessment methods for the purposes of strategic planning and organizational change. Additionally, students will learn about organizational performance, cultural competency, and change theory.

OLDR 9901 Dissertation I: Research Topic Identification and Problem Statement Development (2 Units) In this course students will identify a research topic. They will then create a problem statement. This problem statement will guide their research. The problem statement will be clear, concise and practical. Students will begin to collect and disseminate sources as they continue in the process of their goal toward dissertation completion.

OLDR 9203 Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Design (3 Units) Students will gain a comprehensive view of organizational theory and design. Topics will include various leadership styles, workflow designs, human behaviors, motivation, and personality traits.

OLDR 9204 Research Methodology: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods (3 Units) In this course, students will learn about research methodology, data collection, and statistical analysis. Qualitative, quantitative, and the mixed methods (the combination of qualitative and quantitative) will be explored. The respective concepts for each method will be reviewed, including introductions to the accompanying research instruments (i.e. software) required to conduct each research methodology.

OLDR 9902 Dissertation II: Literature Review (2 Units) In this course students will conduct an extensive literature review and begin to revise and edit their proposal for their dissertation. Students will present findings as they work closely with their professor, and writing experts. Additionally, students will complete a first draft of their literature review dissertation chapter and begin the recruitment phase for their dissertation committee.

Course Descriptions for the Courses taken in Year 2

OLDR 9102 Missional Context Analysis (3 Units) This course introduces students to the biblical and theological grounds of a missional church. Students will demonstrate comprehension of core theoretical and practical principles required for flexible organic leadership methods.

OLDR 9103 Missional Church and Practice in Postmodern Era (3 Units) This course focuses on cultivating practical principles of creative, inspiring, and transformative leadership in the context of a postmodern society by learning from the exemplars of the missional church introduced in the lecturer's books: Re-Form Church and Re-New Church.

OLDR 9903 Dissertation III: Prospectus (2 Units) In this course students will build on the work done in OLDR 9902 and will complete the first draft of their dissertation proposal. Students will work closely with their assigned advisors and committee members to produce their papers.

OLDR 9104 Missional Culture Making (3 Units) This course equips students with missional imagination and consciousness for living out the identity of the church as a missional movement by making a transformative impact in their ecclesial and missional settings.

OLDR 9105 Missional Leadership Change (3 Units) This course introduces students to the essential theories and principles of church leadership transformation. It equips them with competencies to practice those theoretical foundations in their pastoral and missional settings.

OLDR 9904 Dissertation IV: Proposal Writing and Oral Defense (2 Units) In this course students will complete and successfully defend doctoral dissertation proposals through an oral defense.

Course Descriptions for the Courses taken in Year 3

OLDR 9905 Dissertation Writing (3 Units) In this course candidates will complete the writing of their doctoral dissertations.

OLDR 9906 Dissertation Defense & Final Dissertation (3 Units) In this course candidates will defend their dissertations. In addition, students will post their finalized dissertation for public access.

The course curriculum develops students' core competencies for success in ministry and leadership. Possible careers include:

Executive Directors in non-profit Organizations

Executive Directors in Mission Organizations

Directors in denominations Senior pastor / preaching pastor positions

Significant leadership positions & staff supervision in a large church / mega-church

Leadership positions in a large Christian ministry / non-profit organization

Ministry leadership (associate pastor, director of church ministries, etc.)



Church Planters

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